blue_leafy (blue_leafy) wrote,


is one of the singing cockroaches in Jim's Apartment
is a guinea pig in Dr. Dolittle

Movies I watched recently:
Jim's Apartment: yay, singing cockroaches!
Dr. Dolittle: yay, talking animals! I loved Lucky (dog), Rodney(guinea pig), the pidgeon couple, the sickly tiger and the new born alligator.
Stardust: yay, talking star! And the "ninny" pirate with his first mate who rolls his eyes a lot but clearly has great affection for his captain as well as a really sweet crew that show a rough exterior but clearly are just softies underneath.
Diehard 4.0: software meets hardware.
Fred Claus: great concept but unfortunately poor execution
Pirates of the Carribean: hated it years back but liked it when i saw it recently.
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