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On Friday, I baked a batch of cookies with this fancy name "Swedish Spritz" and was pretty much the simplest and shortest recipe in my recipe book. I also experimented by separating the cookie dough into a few parts and adding baking powder, baking soda and cream of tartar respectively. If I remember correctly, these are the following observations.

Baking powder: More crunchy and less hard
Baking soda: Same as baking powder
Cream of tartar: More crunchy and less hard but bitter, like the bitter taste in yellow noddles (kee in hokkien) except worse.
Baking powder and cream of tartar: Er, I added cream of tartar to see if it would counteract the effect of baking powder but i don't remember my observations.

Well, I get to do it again next time. Hopefully, I'll remember to use my brand spanking new cinnamon powder.
Tags: baking
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