blue_leafy (blue_leafy) wrote,

Kuroshitsuji AKA Black Butler (manga) -spoilers of chapter 30 something ahead-


Kuroshitsuji is a horror/humour/action and adventure themed manga with beautiful gorgeous art. It is obvious the mangaka has a thing for beauty by how each scene and character are meticulously designed. Though I wonder if the mangaka has a thing for slash, which this manga is full of undertones of. Tell me your mind wasn't in the gutter when Ciel had to make the Undertaker laugh. Also, in her previous manga, she really liked drawing the male vampire taking blood from another guy, which is lovely...heh. It made up for the storyline.

Back to Kuroshitsuji: it had started off with humour as we get to see the household of Ciel Phantomhive where the butler, Sebastian has to save the day from the damages wrecked by the bumbling house servants.

Later it descended into horror, starting with Jack the Ripper's murders and the supernatural aftermath followed by the Pied the Piper mystery.

Action/adventure starts with Sebastian's fight with Grell (which should be a draw if i remembered correctly) but becomes more apparent when the circus infiltrated the Phantomhive mansion to be taken down by the bumbling servants who were revealed as a private army of the Phantomhive estate. Consequently, the servants exchanged blows with the Queen's bodyguards and were beaten but were saved by Sebastian, thereby establishing the first hierachy of power in the manga.

Of course for now, Sebastian remains the deux ex machina against humans and I wonder if there ever would be a day where he would be brought down by humans against him (Agni don't count)

Hope there will be more screen time of...what is Suit's name? William? Ronold Kroz? Anyway, I love the concept of the Death Gods as office workers and I'm expecting their headquaters anytime soon or if the mangaka is evil, hundred of chapters later or none at all.
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