blue_leafy (blue_leafy) wrote,

Merlin, The episode with the Troll (spoilers below)

(Very possibly the episode where Arthur starts to suspect Merlin as being a creepy stalker and gay, re: Merlin under his bed and almost hug)

The whole Troll/Uther relationship was hilarious but inexplicably sweet. Uther was so smitten and the troll, so surprised by the extent of Uther's infatuation that they, em, did it. (Really, the whole scene leading to The Kiss was wonderful in a "monster shines at last" way) At the moment of Horrendous Revelation, I like to think the the Troll was hurt as she knew immediately there was no going back, that it was the end and the words she spoke was a last ditch attempt to hurt Uther even when she knew it would not work. Meanwhile, Uther's nausea was a delightful scene to behold and kept me warm with it's amusement factor everytime I thought of it.

Sadly, there seems to be no fic for that lovely and fun two episodes.
Tags: fandom: merlin
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