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Superman/Lex Luthor fics


One thing I always want to read more of would be Superman/Lex Luthor fics.

There is something about a Luthor who is evil but not unsalvageable and a Superman who is judging but not unbendable that when combined to form a somewhat amiable relationship, makes me warm in my heart. However, by the lords above, are they difficult to uncover from the depths of search engine results. They don't necessarily come in "Superman/Lex Luthor slash fic" results (of course, I didn't search very far). The most I've come across is the theme "President Lex" in
and of course the ones that wrote the afore-described relationship containing yummy fics and created a basis for my cravings like astolat (Revenge in which Lex is still a President but hoo boy he and Clark aren't buddies either until Joker got them together-he didn't mean to) and rageprufrock (where Lex is tamed by his son, Kon, who in search of his mother, found Clark/Superman).

Oh and they are found under Smallville, which, again, I've never watched before but enjoyed the fics immensely. There is a great many fics out there but sifting through them to get to something of DC Superman/Lex Luthor is an unfortunate process consisting of innumerable shameful sidetracks.
Jojo, romance/humour genre

Tags: favs, fic rec, useful
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