blue_leafy (blue_leafy) wrote,

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

Just started reading Percy Jackson's first book and I really like it. It employs something like in media res and lets me get to the revelation as the story goes on. I'm at the part where Percy saw "Present" snip a cord and am currently escaping unknown dangers with his mother and Grover. He also found out that someone is probably going to die and at this point I had to wiki it to see if Grover survived because that chemistry he has with Percy is half the appeal of this story for me and since I'm already wiki-ing it (while very much ignoring the spoilers as best I can) I went and search for the fandom size of this slash pairing only to find, to my shock and dismay, that it is non-existent. Why? Oh cruel world.

EDIT: I got over it. There were a couple of fanfic writers with wonderful characterization skills. Really, just write me more Gods interacting with their kids and my life will be full of joy. Except, well, with how small said fandom size is, I wondered off to HP fics again and got stuck on Lomonaaeren's 100+++ fic page for a couple of days. I'm still there >
Tags: book
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