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Serial Killer Au, TSN

Ugh, just read this and can't stopping thinking about it.

"He's coming back for the most beautiful brain" and how nearing the end of time, Mark has developed perpetual eye shadows and even though they are cereal (pun meant especially for pet society players) killers I want they to get away with it and has a happy ending because that is what you do when you are a fan in a fandom (and it's all fictional) but bad endings are more poignant because people wants there to be a good one and they'll ache over it and think about it more, etc etc and create multiple versions of good endings just for it.

All this and the absurd thing is I haven't even watched the movie yet. Actually the saddest thing is I've devoured most of the tsn fics in rec lists and then some. I need new fics D: (and I also really need to do my work)

ETA: ugh, he's coming back for the most beautiful brain he knows!!!! ;_; I need comfort ponies (pet society) I need comfort fic!!! (i need to do my work) Why, Wardo, why? Why can't you all communicate?! Whyyyyyyy???? (seriously, my leader is probably hates me now)
Tags: fandom rants, fandom: the social network
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