blue_leafy (blue_leafy) wrote,

Don't Forget!

Milk Chocolate Reese's Penut Butter Cups, heaven on tongue.

May have to resort to making it now I'm out.

On the flip side, my chocolate is dwindling at a rapider pace after years in storage.

I've been in the headspace of the fic where Charles is a daycare teacher and Erik is an engineer for so long--having left off on the third snippet of the series to dabble in readings of other fandoms such as Inception, The Social Network, (nu)Star Trek and Merlin while leaving it as an opened tab all the time and coming back weeks later to devour the entirety of the series within two days-- that I can't quite reconcile to the X-men canon that most other fics in this fandom are based on...Nothing a sleep wouldn't cure, I hope.
Tags: chocolate
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