blue_leafy (blue_leafy) wrote,

How are asparagus supposed to taste?

I have a view of asparagus as a delicacy even though I have never ate one outside of two inexpert romps I had with them at home. Restaurants served them up wrapped in meat, magazines extolled their virtues and people online swear on their taste. Eaten raw, the stems were sweet and crunchy like raw chestnuts. Cooked ala my household cooking method (definitively Asian) for vegetables, I find the head tasted like nuts, the delicate stems, a curious mix of tenderly crunchy and juicy while the tougher stems were fibrous and hence inedible. While I was chewing along, I have this feeling that the delicate stems could taste better though I have no idea how to go about back to my status quo it is.

Meanwhile, I'm delighted to find out that mashed avocado with a teaspoon of teriyaki sauce tastes like egg yolk.
Tags: vegetable
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