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Teen Wolf Fic Rec list wherein Derek is a wolf (or appears to be)

As Though the Air Protects You by the_ragnarok
Summary: In which Deaton is still a mysterious magical vet, Kate Argent is still a criminal socipath, and Stiles is still a crime-solving magical kitten.

Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight by skoosiepants
Summary: They are all wolves.

Spring Fever by Saucery
Summary: Cat!Stiles and Dog!Derek

Forbidden Forest (eat you up) by kishmet
Summary: Okay, so technically werebunny Stiles isn't supposed to wander around in the woods at night. But creative interpretation happens to be one of Stiles' special talents.

Red Against the Snow by Ember
Stiles is trapped for the holidays in the cabin of a strange man/hermit named Derek. A strangely friendly wolf befriends Stiles during his stay. It's up to the teenager to find out why Derek has secluded himself from society, what the feelings he's beginning to have means, and what the connection between the mysterious man and the mysterious black wolf is.

You are the Moon by skoosiepants
Summary: Stuff Stiles doesn’t like to deal with first thing: hot, moist dog breath in his face, a cuddly werewolf creepifying his perfectly normal morning wood with shades of bestiality, and his dad holding his service revolver up against the skull of his bedmate, never mind the fact that his bedmate could possibly be a vicious unhinged rogue omega.

House of Straw by Coragyps
Summary: Stiles has been rescued, safe and sound. But Derek is having trouble letting go of the wolf. And the wolf is having trouble letting go of Stiles …

Here Be Dragons by Coragyps
Summary:Once a generation, the beast in the forest demands the sacrifice of a virgin … but not to eat. Stiles just woke up chained to a rock.

Have yet to read:

No matter where or in what form it comes, Love is unconditional by Venezia
Summary: Stiles is the owner of Furry Friends animal shelter along with his best friend and veterinarian, Scott. They take in all sorts of animals and each and every one of them have a special place in his heart. Then one day, animal control drops off a big black dog and Stiles can't help but feel some sort of bond with it.

DereK Hale is going to make whoever did this to him pay. He'd been in the woods investigating some rumors when all of a sudden, someone had knocked him out and drugged him and he'd woken up in full wolf form and in an animal control van. Now he was stuck at some animal shelter with someone who just wouldn't leave him alone. The human, Stiles, was oddly nice and gentle and continued to treat him with kindness. Derek felt himself drawn to the human but he wasn't a pet and he couldn't stay.

He Runs With Wolves by Seer Wing
Summary: Derek is a lone wolf - no, really, an actual wolf - who doesn't need - or want - a new pack. Stiles is an idiot who is only now learning never to anger a witch, never mind when that witch is a teenage girl and … oh yeah, your girlfriend. Actually, better make that ex-girlfriend. They meet, and absolutely, under no circumstances, do they fall in love. Much.

You're Makin' Me Feel The Monsters Are Real by wirewrappedlily WIP
Summary: When Stiles was four years old, he kind of accidentally ran off into the woods near the playground. It was a good thing, too, or he never would have found the tiny ball of fur with a broken leg whimpering in the long grass. The wolf pup was storm-cloud grey with bright blue eyes, and Stiles couldn't do anything but kneel in the grass next to him, reaching a careful hand out to soothe over the little guy's heaving back, tears running down its muzzle. "'S okay now. I'm here. I'll take care of you."

Actual Wolf Derek Hale by lovelornwolf WIP
Summary: Summary: Stiles is almost done with the bottle of whiskey when the dog wanders—limps—out of the woods towards him.

You Can’t File a Missing Persons Report on a Lost Dog (and that’s a Doggone Shame) by SnarkyLlama WIP
Summary: The wild dog that Stiles sorta kinda adopted has gone missing. He wants to find it. With Scott's assistance, he starts a Lost Dog poster campaign.

Derek doesn't want to be found, because he isn't Stiles's dog. Well... not anymore. And Stiles's posters are embarrassing.

Will the rest of the Hale family be able to change Derek's mind?
Tags: fandom: teen wolf
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